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Patient Experience Philosophy

Principle 1: Resolve Claims While Minimizing Patient Involvement

Patients should be worrying about their health, not worrying about their bills. We pride ourselves in minimizing or eliminating patient involvement prior to the resolution of a claim.

We Identify Missing Patient Data Behind the Scenes

We automatically check missing patient information against our internal database and external partners to locate missing demographic and insurance information. This increases the likelihood that a claim will be paid by the insurance provider, and decreases the likelihood that a patient will need to provide the missing information. In the cases where we cannot get enough information to process the claim, we proactively initiate outbound phone calls to gather the missing data.

We Optimize our Process for Each Insurance Payer

One of the best ways to ensure payment and to reduce hassle for patients is to properly manage the claim submission process for each insurance payer. We have custom processes working behind the scenes that monitor the timeline for each payer and alert our specialists to delays that require resolution with the payer. Because we proactively search for primary and secondary insurance, we make sure that patients only receive bills when they truly need to.



More than 60 percent of all patient records processed by Intermedix are resolved without direct patient interaction

Principle 2: Make Every Patient Contact Positive

We view every patient contact, from paper statements to phone calls, as an opportunity to act as an extension of our clients in treating their patients with the utmost respect and kindness.

We Look for Opportunities to Make Paper Mailings User Friendly

We know that medical bills can be confusing for patients, and we know that our clients want to help reduce that frustration. We offer a number of customization options for clients to ensure that the mailings we send to patients reflect their organization's language and policies.

We Support Many Payment Methods

We make the payment process as easy as possible for patients. They may return check or credit card payments by mail, contact our call center or visit our online portal, if enabled by the client. We also work with patients to set up payment plans if needed.

We Optimize the Call Center Experience

Our professionally-staffed call center strives to resolve all patient inquiries during the initial contact. We use technology to route patients to the most appropriate and experienced call center representative, and support more than 200 languages to make sure that every patient has an outstanding experience.


I do everything I can to provide the best customer service possible. My goal is that when the caller hangs up, he/she is satisfied and knows the account will be handled. I want the caller to know that someone cares.
BrendaCook Brenda Cook - Intermedix Patient Experience Specialist
I answer every call asking myself the question: 'What can I do to help?' I want to ensure the patients feel confident they made the right choice when choosing our clients as their provider.
Simone Farris - Intermedix Patient Experience Specialist Simone Farris - Intermedix Patient Experience Specialist