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Provider Analytics

Provider Analytics, delivered through the Intermedix Portal, offers a comprehensive suite of analytics tools for healthcare providers to help them gain in-depth understanding of workflow and operational processes within their organization. Diverse data analytics and visualization tools keep provider behavior focused on practice-specific goals through provider comparisons, trending analysis and industry benchmarking. Provider coverage analysis tools ensures provider resources are deployed efficiently, while advanced data science provides insight into the most unmanageable areas of practice operations.

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Benefits of Provider Analytics

With Provider Analytics You Will Be Able To...


Align Provider Performance

Provider Analytics helps you visualize provider data to improve productivity, documentation and coding.


Optimize Provider Coverage

Provider Analytics ensures a proper balance of provider coverage to patient demand by relying on historical evidence.


Gain Practice Insight

Provider Analytics applies advanced data science to improve reimbursement processes and analyze risk associated with practice performance.


Portal Dashboards

Multiple dashboards provides robust data visualizations of provider metrics in areas such as productivity, utilization and patient satisfaction to drive insight into provider behavior. Focusing on peer comparisons and national benchmarks, dashboards enable a practice to know how providers stack up against peers both within their organization and nationally, while simultaneously tracking progress and improvement.

Schedule Analyzer

Side-by-side comparisons of provider capacity with department workloads are shown using dynamic and interactive visualizations. Heat maps showing the percentage of hourly, daily and weekly practice capacity along with related costs are used to analyze scheduling to ensure efficient use of provider resources while maintaining an optimized correlation of coverage to workload.


Predictive & Prescriptive Modeling

Advanced data science provides predictive algorithms and machine learning that shed light on traditionally hidden areas of practice performance. Through the use of surge forecasting, facility placement, clinical demand drift and provider risk analysis, practices are equipped to understand business operations like never before.

Exception Alerts

Data-driven alerts provide early warning signs of critical events that deviate from defined practice norms. Through the evaluation of metric statistics, a rules-based system gives real-time notifications of outliers that could affect practice performance, giving insight into specific operational areas that need improvement.


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