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    Two Key EMS Reimbursement Strategies

    Technology companies in the EMS industry have traditionally concentrated their resources on developing innovative solutions and services that help EMS agencies focus on delivering life-saving care. While a significant amount of work has centered on creating efficiencies in response planning, revenue cycle management (RCM) service offerings have become more essential to clients today than ever before.

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    Topics: EMS, Healthcare

    Summary of the Major Medicare/Health Provisions in the Government Funding Deal

    In the early hours of February 9, 2018, the Congress approved a bi-partisan budget package that keeps the government funded through March 23, 2018. The bill was signed into law by President Trump within hours of passing the House. The bill, however, does much more than simply keep the government open: the legislation would make a number of changes to the Medicare program as well as other health programs.

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    Should an EMS Agency Increase its Fees to Improve Collections?

    Topics: EMS, Healthcare

    The Case for Becoming CPR Smart

    Topics: EMS, Healthcare

    How Machine Learning can Maximize the Role of EMS in the Healthcare Continuum

    Topics: EMS, Healthcare, Analytics

    Anthem’s New Policy: A Recipe for Delayed Treatment and Unpaid ER Bills?

    Topics: Emergency Medicine, Hospital Management, Healthcare

    Shining a Light on the Black Box of Machine Learning: Do You Need to Know Why Your Model Makes its Predictions?

    Topics: Healthcare, Analytics

    Recognizing the Importance of Innovation in Medical Coding

    Topics: Ambulatory Care, Emergency Medicine, Hospital Management, Healthcare

    How EMS Agencies Can Reduce Supply Costs While Addressing Supply Shortages

    Topics: EMS, Healthcare

    [Video] Why Revenue Cycle Management is Not The Same as Medical Billing

    Topics: Ambulatory Care, Healthcare