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    I Am Not a Lady Developer, I Am a Developer Who Is a Lady

    I am often told that being a woman in the tech industry is inspiring. In those moments, I feel taken aback because I never think about gender when discussing my achievements. While sexism in the industry has been verified through research, I often wonder if the prevalence of sexism is due to the higher presence of men rather than to some innate flaw of the industry. Indeed, I have experienced more sexism in other roles than I ever have as a programmer. However, I have not worked in Silicon Valley; I cannot attest to the experiences of all female developers; and I do not discredit the severity of a single sexist experience other women have faced.

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    Data Science Helps Identify the Right "Tools" to Address Back Pain

    Whether you are a long-haul trucker or a weekend tennis jock, there is a good chance you have experienced back pain. Maybe your pain was so severe it led you to an orthopedic surgeon’s office.

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    More Health Insurers are Announcing They Will be Punishing Patients for 'Unnecessary' ER Visits

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    What You Need to Know About the OIG’s New Work Plan

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    Increasing Number of States Adopting “Right to Care” Legislation

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    Five Habits to Decrease Physician Burnout

    Topics: Ambulatory Care, Healthcare

    CMS Issues ACA Exchange Market Stabilization Final Rule

    Topics: Ambulatory Care, Emergency Medicine, Hospital Management, Healthcare

    Three Ways to Manage Conflicts in the Emergency Department

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    13 Reasons Why EMS Providers Rock

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    EMS Saves Lives: For Every Tear, a Smile

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