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    Stop the Bleed: EMS’s Response to Help Others Save Lives

    Both the news and social media outlets have been inundated with political statements and emotion-fueled arguments in the wake of the most recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida. One cannot help but become embroiled in the gun control discussions that have since ensued, deeply desiring to find the right solution to preventing mass casualties.

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    Topics: EMS, Healthcare

    Boarders and Emergency Department Flow

    It is a story heard over and over again from emergency department (ED) physicians, a story involving boarders (patients occupying beds while awaiting transport to the floor):

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    Topics: Emergency Medicine, Healthcare, Analytics

    Patient Follow-ups as a Source of Personalized Patient Care and Untapped Revenue

    Topics: EMS, Healthcare

    [Infographic] How Technology is Helping Providers Promote Healthy Lifestyle Choices

    Topics: Ambulatory Care, Healthcare

    Two Key EMS Reimbursement Strategies

    Topics: EMS, Healthcare

    Summary of the Major Medicare/Health Provisions in the Government Funding Deal

    Topics: Ambulatory Care, Emergency Medicine, Healthcare

    Should an EMS Agency Increase its Fees to Improve Collections?

    Topics: EMS, Healthcare

    The Case for Becoming CPR Smart

    Topics: EMS, Healthcare

    How Machine Learning can Maximize the Role of EMS in the Healthcare Continuum

    Topics: EMS, Healthcare, Analytics

    Anthem’s New Policy: A Recipe for Delayed Treatment and Unpaid ER Bills?

    Topics: Emergency Medicine, Hospital Management, Healthcare